Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Okay, lambat sehari, but I just got a hold of the laptop.
 You're sixteen now, baby :')
Dah besar dah anak Jams ni, hehe.
I miss you, we've not seen each other for ages.
I remember attending tuition with you, laughing our asses off at stupid things,
we talked about unimportant things, and gave no attention or whatsoever to the teacher.
I remember making you an essay for our exam,
and you copied the whole thing :'D
I remember how you liked to call me 'bodoh', and 'bangang' sebab dulu aku lembab.
I remember how you were taller, and so much more skinnier.
I remember your short curly hair, and your long fingers.
I remember your  eyes, the ones with tiny pupils, and how I found them odd :P
I remember everything, and i definitely remember loving you.
Happy Birthday, gorgeous, I LOVE YOU TO DEATH  
Have a blast, baby!