Saturday, August 6, 2011


Our conversation, it is in my head.
And its on repeat.
The things you said.
The things you meant.
There's something about you.
They way you talk.
The way you laugh.
The way your voice changes when things start to get serious.
The way you get mad at me,
for all the wrong reasons.
The way you make things better again.
The things you say, and how they make me smile and giggle all awkwardly.
The way you make me go crazy.
The way you ask me to perform my prayers, and how you'll always tweet you're praying with me.
The way you'd look at me during our video calls.
The way you smile back, when I flash a smile.
The way you promise me things, and swear you'll never break 'em.
The way you get me to do things like not to cut myself and take my meds.
The way you're constantly worried.
They way you love me, and care about me.
Every. Single. Thing.
I cant list them all.
I kan gemok, busuk and malas.
Oh, boy, I love you.