Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I don't think you do.

So 2012 started out fine, until I decided to the THE stupidest thing. And I've not had enough sleep since. I've been skipping meals. I've started cutting again, and having suicidal thoughts. I can't seem to forgive myself for doing what I had done. I feel so stupid, and pathetic for letting this get to me. I feel so fucking worthless. I lay in bed all day listening to depressing songs with a blade in my hand. I spend my nights sitting in bed, crying and sometimes just staring into space till four in the god damn morning. Thank God I'm able to keep up with the new topics and shit. I don't get too sleepy in class cause there's like, a shitload of crap bothering me.

THEN, Shila Amzah just HAD to make a cover of this song and now this shit is stuck in my head, and it's making me think of him even more. Oh. God. Damn. It.

Curse you Adele, for making the most relevant, depressing songs.

I day, I scar. Just so I won't lose count the days spent without you.